Coexistence Awarness based Intrinsically motivated Association

  • Steyerberg, DE
  • research,
  • spaces
  • ecology,
  • governance

Organization information

We develop concepts for sustainable design and evaluate the research applied. This knowledge is then available to everyone as a blueprint. Through exchange and collaboration together with like-minded initiatives and projects, we bring extensive practical knowledge to sustainable practices.

How do we want to live in the future? How will we feed ourselves, interact with each other, and educate ourselves? How and where will we consume? How will we communicate and get around? What impact will these things have on our existence, our society and our planet? How will we manage to survive as a human race in the long term?

The ECO City Village offers solutions to the pressing challenges of our time, a concept that combines the advantages of rural and urban life. In the village of Steyerberg, we are creating new perspectives for a vital and future-oriented coexistence. It is up to each of us, as humans, to bring a new perspective of sustainability to life on Earth.

Not only does ECO CiVi offer perspectives for the development of functioning local circulation systems working at the intersection of consciousness, science and culture, it also offers a laboratory that supports economic, ecological, social and cultural change.

Coexistence Awarness based Intrinsically motivated Association