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We live in an era of climate crises, polarised societies and failed leadership.

Across the planet millions of people are already putting their efforts towards a better world for current and future generations. This wide-reaching work involves politicians, policymakers, business leaders, researchers, thought-leaders, social entrepreneurs, activists, community leaders and philantropists.

Yet we are failing to create the collective outcomes we need at the pace necessary within the available window of time of action.

The reason is that our perspectives on what we are doing (and why) are insufficient for the complex issues at hand. While there is no guarantee that embracing new perspectives will change the trajectory for humanity, we can be sure that we will fail, if we do not.

The Ekskäret Foundation aims to facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious and sustainable society where people create more well-being for themselves, each other and the world. The Foundation was founded in 2009 and has since then developed locations, arenas and contexts for inquisitive exploratory meetings, dialogue and lifelong transformative learning. Starting with youth camps the Foundation offer workshops, programs, conferences and work labs in personal development and social transformation. All with the purpose to increase our capacity to create the new story of a more sustainable and conscious society.

The Ekskäret Foundation works together with selected partners from business, non-profit, and academic sectors. The Foundation operates without profit interests and is a religiously and ideologically independent organization.