• Östervåla, SE
  • Dougald Hine,
  • Anna Bjorkman
  • education,
  • events
  • community,
  • development

Organization information

HOME is a school where we study the mess the world is in, not as a set of discrete problems to be solved, but as a tangled and humbling predicament.

We learn from artists, philosophers, community builders, improvisors, historians and poets. Looking for a term to bridge these worlds, we call ourselves a school for culturemakers. We cultivate the art of invitation, hospitality and friendship, finding here the seeds of other ways of being human together.

HOME is a school that grows out of the conversations we bring together around our kitchen table. It’s a learning community and a gathering place for those who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture.

It’s the fruit of the projects we led, the books we read, the organisations we built, the people we learned with and the friendships that formed us over the past two decades.

And it’s a new beginning. Something we’re figuring out together as we go along, with the help of that web of friends and collaborators.

HOME is a school the shape of a pocket. An air-pocket. A breathing space. A pocket of resistance and hope.