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At the Mind & Life Institute, we bring science and contemplative wisdom together to better understand the mind and create positive change in the world.

At this critical moment in history, it’s clear that efforts to address mounting global challenges must take into account our inner lives, and how individual well-being contributes to collective flourishing.

At the heart of today’s global challenges is a profound crisis of disconnection. From loneliness and isolation to racism and tribalism, our disconnection from one another is causing tremendous suffering for people and the planet. Building on our 30-year legacy, we seek to better understand the role of the human mind in creating these problems—and its potential to solve them. Through grantmaking, convenings, and strategic partnerships, we seek to foster healthy human connections.

We recognize that Mind & Life is part of a growing global movement for social change. In this spirit, we welcome new partners—as together—we strive to create a world that truly embraces our shared humanity.

Mind and Life