Oi Polloi

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  • Mary Valiakas
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An arts and culture development agency rebooting Greece as a beacon of civilisation.

Oi Polloi, from the Greek for ‘the many’, is a development agency that engages leading edge thinkers, practitioners, and big hearts into reimagining how society operates in terms of emerging systems and technologies. Using Greece as a sandbox, we’re out to create a legacy that resonates through the ages: a renaissance of humanity.

We believe that humanity’s endeavours have become too far removed from values that are in harmony with the personal and greater good. We also believe that it’s down to us to rewrite the rules of life. After all, humans are unique in that ‘we are able to create physical instantiations of the objects we imagine. Whereas other species are stuck with nature’s inventory.’ (César Hidalgo). You can also think of us as change by the masses, for the masses.

A TIME FOR HEROIC ACTION We also believe that in this Age of Crisis, only big ideas can tackle big challenges. That’s why everything we do is designed for global, but conceived for local – and personal. Critical in our endeavour are a fascination with life, generosity of spirit, and love of honour (‘filotimo’). Qualities that created the ancient Greek legacy the world reveres today. Join us as we kindle a flame in the darkness. And reignite Greece as a beacon of civilisation.

SOME OF OUR KEY AIMS? Drawing on the evolutionary power of the imagination to redefine how society operates, offering humanity realistic hope for the future, and celebrating the positive things to come. But to achieve all this, it will take the many acting as one.

Oi Polloi