Rebel Wisdom

  • London, GB
  • Alexander Beiner <crm>,
  • David Fuller,
  • Ivo Mensch
  • media,
  • events
  • development,
  • politics

Organization information

Rebel Wisdom is a media platform co-founded by BBC & Channel 4 filmmaker David Fuller, and Alexander Beiner, a writer, podcaster and event organiser.

It is centred on the conviction that we are seeing a civilisational-level crisis of ideas, as the old operating system breaks down. The new is struggling to emerge - and the most transformative ideas always show up first as rebellious.

Rebel Wisdom looks to move beyond ideology. We create our content with the intention of engaging with the whole person – intellect, body, and intuition - to create honest discussions.

Fuelled by social media, many have become trapped in reaction and ideology, yet big questions can only be explored with open-minded, self-reflective, grounded conversations.

That's why we host a variety of live experiences and courses in which we can inquire into challenging ideas, experiment with practices that increase our self-awareness and help us find new ways to make sense of the world and take meaningful action.

Rebel Wisdom