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A New Era of Co-creation Beckons SOLUTIONS FOR AN ALL-WIN PARADIGM

Humanity is on the threshold of a new all-win era of co-creation inspired by principles of co-operation, regeneration, health, harmony and living systems design. Symphonics are leading edge co-creation specialists, providing planetary-scale innovations to support the quantum leap out of competitive silos into a unitive ecosystem of expansion and superabundance!

An Emerging Systems Philosophy for Co-creation INTRODUCING ORGANOMICS

Symphonics has been working with partners all over the world for over eight years to develop a new ecosystem design science for co-creative organisation called 'Organomics'. Organomics reimagines planet earth as a 'superorganism' or 'UFO' (United Fractal Organism) and humans, groups, organisations and communities as its cells, tissues and organs. Using 'Social DNA', the UFO facilitates co-creators to come together as one healthy body to support humanity’s evolution into a universally thriving experience.