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The Nongrowth Society (or The Superduperfantasticprosperingwithinlimitsplace) is a a posture, a teenagers rebellion against the current economic norm of more and more. It is a response to that we as a society have a serious problem ( at hand. The problem is that our socioeconomic system is based on economic growth and has made it a goal to grow endlessly.

Certainly growth can have ecologically good connotations, like the growth of crop, but as anything physical growing exponentially in a finite space will eventually hit the limits so too will our socioeconomic system. Endless economic growth is therefore nothing that should be the foundation for a society and we should instead focus more on planting, growing and caring for imagination, freedom, kindness, equality, empathy, love and prosperity, all within our planetary limits.

The Nongrowth Society is an intent to orchestrate change, drawn upon brilliant ideas from the past and present and based on the belief that we humans by oneself and in togetherness at least can try. And we have to try because as Thatcher and Reagan said in the 80s about the now planet and people destroying economy: There Is No Alternative (TINA). Now There Is No Alternative To Try Something Different! (TINATTSD).

Let us build on the collective power of these creative and other creative minds that don’t mind that when the going gets tough the tough gets going!

The Nongrowth Society