Yellow Learning

  • Arenas de San Pedro, ES
  • Berlin, DE
  • Alex Carabi
  • education,
  • network
  • development,
  • community

Organization information

Yellow is an online learning space, unlike any other.

Small groups are formed which gather every two weeks, for two hours, over a period of five months, to explore and learn together.

What is most distinctive about Yellow is what it is not, not what it is. There are no learning objectives, no agenda, no titles or professional biographies and no curriculum.

Instead, Yellow allows small groups of people, to build connection, intimacy and trust, using highly varied stimuli (including art, food or movement) learning about themselves and their work in the process. We design it in response to them.

If it sounds like a very open space, that’s because it is. We need some spaces where we don’t try to define and control things in advance. So Yellow runs counter to what we normally do and acts as a ‘counterspace’ where the unimagined or unanticipated can emerge.

Yellow Learning